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Best Spots 2002

According to Adweek, the Best Spots of 2002

Heineken - "Holiday Parties"

As an office Christmas party heats up, Dean Martin sings, "The weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we’ve no place to go..." Visual: On the floors above the party, men feverishly shred paper and throw it out of the windows. Hit it, Dino: "Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow." Graphic: "To all those who weren’t naughty this year. Happy holidays.

Credits: Agency/Location D’Arcy/New York
Executive Creative Director: Lee Garfinkel
Group Creative Directors: Steve Doppelt, John Liegey
Art Director: Rob Perillo
Copywriters: Rob Lenois, Bryan Johnson
Agency Producer: Colin Pearsall
Production Company: Minder Media
Director/DP: Tony Kaye
Editor: Ian MacKenzie/MacKenzie Cutler
Music: Dean Martin, "Let it Snow"
Talent: William Burns, Lilli Birdsell, Ray Proscia, Bridge O’Donnel, Alex Sol

Guinness | "Cast"

Confined to a wheelchair, a man nurses a broken leg. However, inside the plaster cast, near the knee, is a bottle opener-which is put to good use. VO: "Now enjoy Guinness anywhere." This simple, clever ad pitches "authentic Guinness draft in a bottle."

Agency/Location: BBDO/New York
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Sann
Executive CD/Copywriter: Gerry Graf
Assoc. CD/Art Director: Harold Einstein
Sr. Producer: Elise Greiche
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Slacks Jackson
Director of Photography: Peter Donahue
Editor: Jun Diaz/MacKenzie Cutler
Online Editor: Eric Gelgand/Nice Shoes
Colorist: Milan Boncich/Moving Images
Music: David Shapiro, Andrew Sherman/Fluid
Sound Mixer: Rex Recker/Photomag

Heineken Keg Can - "Limo"

As church bells ring and wedding music plays in the distance, a man walks his dog on a quiet street corner. When the sound of a car engine amplifies, the man picks up his pet and runs for the hills. Visual: a black limousine veers around the corner, a pair of giant beer kegs tied to the bumper. The kegs bounce off the road and onto the sidewalk, destroying everything in their path. Graphic: "The Heineken keg can goes places kegs can’t."

Chairman/Chief Creative Ofcr: Gary Goldsmith
EVP/Executive CD: Dean Hacohen
EVP/Creative Grp Head/AD: Michael Vitiello
EVP/Creative Grp Head/CW: Eddie Van Bloem
Sr. Producer: Rikki Furman
Production Company: Chelsea Pictures
Director: Nicholas Barker
Director of Photography: William Rexer
Editor: Jun Diaz/MacKenzie Cutler
Sound Designer: Marc Healy/MacKenzie Cutler

Corona - "Seashell"

Visual: the ubiquitous blue ocean. As the camera pans to the right, a man puts a seashell to his ear and a woman "listens" to a bottle of Corona. He hears the wind and the sea; she hears party music. The beer is "Miles away from ordinary," according to the tagline.

Executive Creative Director: Marshall Ross
Creative Director: Bob Volkman
Art Director: David Yang
Copywriter: Bill Rogers
Agency Producer: Steve Citrin
Production Company: NYDRLE
Director/DP: Peter Nydrle
Editor: Liz Tate/Avenue Edit
Sound Design: Paul Rodgers/Avenue Edit
Inferno Artist: John Montgomery/Avenue Edit
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld/Company 3

Miller High Life - "Noah"

Visual (the usual skewed angles): a man grilling steaks and drinking beer. VO (Doug Jeffers, Best Spots’ main man): "I bet you Noah got pretty hungry staring at those two cows while holed up in that boat. Probably thought to himself, �There are a lot of other animals. Who’s going to miss ’em?’ Hats off, Noah. You’re a stronger man than me."

Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman, Roger Camp
Art Director: Jeff Williams
Copywriter: Brant Mau
Agency Producer: Jeff Selis
Assistant Producer: Shannon Worley
Production Company:
Director: Errol Morris
Editor: Angus Wall/Rock Paper Scissors
Sound Design: Jeff Sudakin/Mesner AV
Titles/Graphics: A 52

Budweiser - "Cards"

A woman spends hours picking just the right greeting card for her snuggle bunny. (From the reject pile: "You truly are my true love" and "Our love shines like a beacon.") Finally, she finds the one card. Snuggle bunny, on the other hand, is purchasing a six of Bud, and he just happens to notice a stray card on the counter at the package store. Of course, he buys it. Later, she opens his card and says, "It’s perfect." This honest ad is truly "True."

Chief Creative Officer: Bob Scarpelli
Group Creative Director: John Immesoete
Creative Directors: John Hayes, Barry Burdiak
CD/Art Director: Adam Glickman
CD/Copywriter: Craig Feigen
Group Executive Producer: Greg Popp
Agency Producer: Garry Gassel
Production Business Mgr.: Lisa Nardiello
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Kuntz & Maguire
Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro
Editor: David Hicks/School

Budweiser - "Out of Towner"

In this funny spot, the goombahs are joined by a stranger wearing a cowboy hat. "How you doin’?" says a tough guy to Tex. "I’m doing fine," the out of towner says. "Just got in today. My brother-in-law picked me up at the airport. Mighty big airport you got. And the people here are so nice." Tex repeats the same loquacious answer two more times-to the chagrin of the more circumspect goodfellas.

Chief Creative Officer: Bob Scarpelli
Group Creative Director: John Immesoete
Creative Directors: John Hayes, Barry Burdiak
ACD/Copywriter: Vinny Warren
Art Director: Scott Smith
Copywriter: Pat Burke
Production Business Mgr.: Kim Siske
Agency Producer: Kent Kwiatt
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Allen Coulter
Director of Photography: Tim Ives
Editor: Mike Coletta/Bug Editorial
Sound Design: John Binder/Another Country

Heineken - "The Poachers"

At the checkout, two guys put their groceries on the counter. When someone puts a 12-pack of Heineken on the conveyor, one fellow picks up the divider thingy (Best Spots needs to know: is there an actual name for this?) and places it on the other side of the Heineken, adding the beer to their purchases. Graphic: "The poachers." Tagline: "It’s all about the beer." The Pink Panther music is a nice touch, too.

Chair/Chief Creative Officer: Gary Goldsmith
EVP/Executive CD: Dean Hacohen
EVP/Art Director: Niko Courtelis
VP/Copywriter: Mark Ronquillo
VP/Sr. Producer: Steven Ford
Production Company:
Director: Frank Todaro
Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro
Editor: Dave Koza/MacKenzie Cutler
Composer: Henry Mancini

Rolling Rock - "Wedding Rock"

The scene: a wedding reception. VO: "The men have taken a break from the festivities to bond and show support for their newly committed brother." "Married man," says a pal, "we saved you a Rock." "Did she give you a hall pass, or what?" asks one. "I didn’t know they made leashes that long," busts another. "What’s it like to wear jewelry?" queries a third. "This old thing?" says the groom, who proceeds to open the beer with his wedding ring-to the amazement of his buds. VO: "And thus the groom maintains his status among the pack."

Creative Directors: Gib Marquardt, Paul Behnen
Art Director: Teddy Stoecklein
Copywriter: Chris Dealy
Agency Producers: Sally Hotchkiss, Jonathan Shipman, Lucia Grillo, Meredith Rizzardi
Production Companies: Morton Jankel Zander/H.S.I.
Directors: Craig Gillespie, Irv Blitz
Director of Photography: Guillermo Navarro
Editor: Ian MacKenzie/MacKenzie Cutler
Music: Mike Maxwell/Pink Noise

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